Chuck Zumbrun

Tales from Skunk Hill

  • The Poppies Blow

    The Poppies Blow

    We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow.

  • A way of life is dying

    A way of life is dying

    Libraries, museums, and schools are fragile institutions; they cannot long survive violent assaults. A way of life was dying.

  • Wildflowers


    You belong among the wildflowers.

  • DEI


    We each have the opportunity and choice every day to make our corner of the world a little better.

  • Good People

    Back in 2014 I was the “cover boy” on the Exapta Solutions catalog. I’d emailed the company telling them how much I liked their products. They replied and asked if they could use my email in their catalog, and could I send a picture? Well, if you know me, you know how I like…

  • Another Mom Story

    [ Another Mom story I didn’t publish back in 2019. ] I was helping Mom get on her MyChart account to check for a doctor’s appointment. She’d forgotten her password so we going through the security question rigmarole. “Ok,” I said, “it’s asking for your favorite person from history.” [1] Mom answered, without hesitating,…

  • I’m Cold

    [ I wrote this back in May, 2019, but didn’t post, not wanting to freak Mom out too. ] I took my Mom today to have a minor medical procedure done, one where she needed a light anesthetic . All went well and as she was coming back from the anesthetic they called me…

  • How Many Troys?

    No Second Troy BY William Butler Yeats Why should I blame her that she filled my daysWith misery, or that she would of lateHave taught to ignorant men most violent ways,Or hurled the little streets upon the great,Had they but courage equal to desire?What could have made her peaceful with a mindThat nobleness made simple…